Brazil Property a World Beating Investment

in Brazil

Anyone who hasn't heard about the fantastic investment that Brazil property currently is does not have even a passing interest in international property or in Brazil.

There are so many things combining to send its investment potential off the charts that it is hard for a guy like me to know where to begin.

It is probably best to start by explaining how now-former President Luiz da Silva ensured that the Brazilian population at large saw their affluence grow as a result of the country's massive economic growth during his (2 terms) 8 years in office. During this time 20 million Brazilians were brought out of poverty by programs like Bolsa Familiar, a highly successful anti-poverty initiative. Da Silva's governance also added 29 million people to the Brazilian middle class.

This growing affluence, and government programs like Minha Casa Minha Vida (my house, my life), which offered incentives and assistance to help low income families buy a house, has led to soaring demand for affordable housing to buy and rent in Brazil. The greatest demand growth has been seen in the fastest emerging cities to the north east of the country. This is because property prices are lower, and job growth rapid, which makes the region attractive to those from across Brazil to come and find work and affordable housing.

News of the growing demand for affordable housing in Natal is very prominent in the UK, not least because of the availability of affordable housing developments in Natal through western developers.

Long have we known that affordable housing projects in emerging markets like Brazil and India are a good investment. The problem has always been availability. In fact, during the boom if a person in the UK wanted to benefit from affordable housing investments in the Brazil property market or any other emerging market, he would need to do so through shares or an established international property fund.

The development is aimed at priced to the local market, but is being offered exclusively to foreigners at a 20% discounted price. Top quality 2 and 3 bedrooms are available at prices starting from just £57,650, and with a guaranteed rental yield of 6% for the first 4 years. The development also offers finance, and/or staged payments, with just 25% required as a down payment, and then 8 payments of 8% spread across the 30 month build period.

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Now we have developments like Dr Geraldo Furtado in Petropolis, one of the most affluent and fastest growing districts of Natal.

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Brazil Property a World Beating Investment

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Brazil Property a World Beating Investment

This article was published on 2010/12/31